Engage, educate, and empathize to achieve better days.

Harness the power of Affective.health solutions to improve adherence, patient outcomes, and profitability.


Our science-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivers powerful, custom healthcare solutions. The patient journey is a complex one — we can help your efforts have more impact.


Connect with patients

Patient feedback and engagement are used to curate personalized programs that provide insight into consumer understanding, confidence, and beliefs. This motivates informed behaviors and decisions, resulting in “Better Days” for the providers and patients.


Behavior insights

Patient behavior is monitored in real-time and measured using Models which contextualize ongoing conversations - building trust and sustaining the relationship.


Powerful scientific theory

Cognitive science theory categorizes the data outputs providing a clear path to cost-effective and scalable solutions. This will support your accelerated growth plans and profitability.


Top grade security

HIPAA compliance and data security are always our top priorities. You can rest assured that we won’t sell any of our client’s data.


Achieve better days

Shared success is important; we partner with you to develop programs unique to your business case using our flexible technology platform, proven methodologies, and scientific foundation.


Capture patient responses in a way that feels conversational and empathetic, increasing the validity and honesty of the data allowing for specific messaging going to patients when they need it most.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Capture PRO’s in the moment, reducing the risk of patients being unable to recall how they’ve felt in the recent past.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Easily connect with patients to gather data from a Health Risk Assessment; micro-experiences are answered in the moment, typically taking less than 90 seconds to complete.

Digital Dialogue

Engaging, enhanced survey with our models & measures tailored to what problem you are trying to solve, keep all data in one place, ability to have bi-directional conversations.


Integrated Solutions

This is more than just a quick message; it’s the beginning of a relationship. Develop custom integrations that support your unique patients in their journey.

API Integrations

The feedback and data that we obtain from consumers can be sent via a direct API to the client’s EMR, APP or Population Health Management data repository.

Operational Workflow

We can support team-based care virtually by engaging with the consumer in-between visits and informing the care team of at-risk behavior that may require an intervention.


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