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Improving efficiencies and streamlining workflows

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See integrating our platform and science-based technology improves efficiencies and streamlines workflows - boosting patient adherence and overall patient satisfaction

Increasing adherence and providing empathetic support to many unique patients is a huge challenge. When a patient is prescribed a medical device, such as CPAP, they not only have to learn how to use it properly but also alter their behavior to adopt the therapy into their life.

Philips was seeking efficient ways to increase patient participation in the onboarding call, to teach patients how to use the device and adhere long term, and, ultimately, to reduce returns of used CPAP devices.

The approach took with Philips was to integrate the entire workflow into a digital format that focused on solving the patients’ problems.’s unique platform allowed Philips to deliver custom content to support a patient in learning their new device. The path to the sleep therapist was digitized as well, which includes document signature and scheduling features among others.

Patients who participate in this digitized onboarding, when compared to those patients who did not, show a 10% increase in adherence resulting in a reduction of 33% of returned and uncompensated devices. This translates to $20 million in savings and efficiency for Philips.


increase in adherence


reduction in returned devices


million in savings

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