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Mental models for improved health outcomes

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CEO @ Affective Health

Mental models break down complex healthcare blockers to mangable problems that can be improved. Charlie Munger’s system of mental models breaks out the important factors in making better decisions that align with the design goals of

“Mental Models help identify what information is relevant in any given situation, and the most reasonable parameters to work in”

Confidence-based Risk Stratification

The inherent abilities of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) allows for the categorization of information, filtered for relevance and targeted specifically into a domain, with high levels of transfer, comprehension, and retention.

Confidence to behave within a situation means that the individual has enough knowledge to confidently simulate and describe their abilities used in the future actions, the preparation needed to increase the likelihood they can execute the action successfully, and the associated risks and opportunity costs of taking the action.

Individual Patient Directed Content

The healthcare industry struggles to achieve device, medication, and care plan adherence. The Confidence Model gives insight into the unique level of confidence that each individual holds. Those with low confidence need to receive content to help build greater confidence in order to achieve adherence and improve their health outcome. Alternatively, those with high levels of confidence receive the content they need to continue the path to better health. The Confidence Model helps us further stratify the risk that comes with patient-consumers not adhering to medical advice.

The strategies identify gaps and work to increase confidence rapidly through content curation and scientifically founded methods. Learn how our strategies and powerful DXP will help you achieve your goals.

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